Dynasty Analytics

Dynasty Analytics is the new Dynasty offering for predicting behavior and outcomes in the future. Dynasty Analytics has been designed specifically to handle real-time complex, dynamic and “fuzzy” business processes.  Dynasty Analytics can solve the urgent need to embrace the prediction stage. By streaming, real-time Goal Driven Analytical Processing (GDAP) Dynasty Analytics provides a new approach to business process management. Dynasty Analytics dynamically analyzes streams of data and events, utilizes analytics and business rules to make real-time decisions, facilitating automation, and providing exception alerts required to accomplish the objectives and goals of a specific business. 

Dynasty Analytics extends the state of the art in information technology, by:

-Responding in real time to events and business requirements

-Analyzing data continuously, in real time and high speed, in contrast to batch analytical solutions

-Integrating and adapting rapidly to changing heterogeneous data formats

-Adapting quickly to changes in the regulatory environment, thanks to DDA rules based approach

-Delivering real-time cognitive processing capabilities, to learn patterns and predict outcomes

-Managing high availability and scalability for multiple, distributed, goal driven business processes

-Providing security and confidentiality for data


Click a logo to see how companies are leveraging Dynasty Analytics to build predictive applications.

Dynasty has worked for The Boeing Company on intelligent diagnostic tools using Artificial Intelligence technology, and in particular Bayesian Belief Networks.


Sprint engaged Dynasty to deploy a new diagnostic tool to assist call center agents in routing trouble tickets to the most appropriate fix agencies.

Dynasty worked closely with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to develop an easy to use family history (pedigree) presentation system to aid in disease diagnosis.


The Italian machinery/measurement company Proservice Technology uses Dynasty-developed technology to remotely monitor quality control at a foundry site.