Dynasty Technologies, Inc.

We provide development environments, unwired and knowledge-based systems, to simplify the lifecycle of complex enterprise applications.



AI Apps

Since 2000, we have been building mission-critical enterprise-class Applications that apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in a practical way to solve complex problems.

Dynasty AI Apps are used by healthcare, aerospace, communications, automotive, and energy industries. With AI Apps business people can now make sophisticated and easy use of knowledge-based systems, natural language processing, agent technologies, and case‑based reasoning.

Here you will find a selection of Dynasty’s main AI customers. Click a logo to see how people have solved real-world problems using Dynasty’s AI infrastructure and expertise.

Dynasty has worked for The Boeing Company on intelligent diagnostic tools using Artificial Intelligence technology, and in particular Bayesian Belief Networks.


Sprint engaged Dynasty to deploy a new diagnostic tool to assist call center agents in routing trouble tickets to the most appropriate fix agencies.

Dynasty worked closely with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to develop an easy to use family history (pedigree) presentation system to aid in disease diagnosis.


The Italian machinery/measurement company Proservice Technology uses Dynasty-developed technology to remotely monitor quality control at a foundry site.