Dynasty Technologies, Inc.

We provide development environments, unwired and knowledge-based systems for simplifying the lifecycle of complex enterprise applications.



Big Apps

Dynasty customers are using DDE to build and deploy Big Apps. Dynasty has demonstrated capability to meet demanding real-time and scalability requirements of big applications and manage them in a effective way to improve customer experience.

Dynasty DDE fully supports Big Apps enterprise-class systems running on Windows platforms, HP Blade and NonStop Servers, HP-UX, Sun (Oracle) Solaris, IBM AIX, and Linux.

Here you will find a selection of Dynasty’s main customers. Click a logo to see how people are successfully using Dynasty products to build mission-critical applications.

BNP Paribas Factor has used Dynasty’s portable object-oriented application development technology, the Dynasty Development Environment since 1996.


Delta Health Technologies is a healthcare provider that uses Dynasty products to manage business and productivity elements of its business.

Infracor GmbH is an integrated chemical manufacturing company located in the Rhur industrial district in Germany. Infracor used Dynasty products to produce its warehouse management and rail dispatching systems.


The new Sigma Coatings brand of PPG Industries (formerly SigmaKalon) is a worldwide player in decorative, marine, protective, and industrial coatings, employing 10,000+ people in 40 countries.

Shoprite Checkers is a South African company that operates high-end food stores throughout southern Africa. They implemented their business-management processes using the Dynasty Development Environment.


CAD has been a Dynasty customer for a number of years, and has more than 70 Italian banking clients, including some of the largest banks in Europe.