Dynasty Technologies is based in Houston, TX. The company was founded in 1991 to build and deliver enterprise-class development technology. Since the company inception, we have pursued the goal of making software development a managed business process. With our object-oriented foundation and expertise we offer a portfolio of products for industries such as telecommunications, media and broadcasting, financial services, and aerospace.

Dynasty Intellectual Property is protected by 69 patents registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our R&D Lab is dedicated to providing a complete software suite and technology for scalable application lifecycle management and mission critical developments.

Dynasty core competencies are in product development, system architecture, artificial intelligence, total quality management, and most recently also in data analytics and mobile development software. We continue to enhance our technology to support customer needs and reduce capital expenditures and workload of IT development teams while leveraging resource utilization.

Applications and systems in production around the world offer concrete proof of Dynasty’s ability to generate scalable, resilient and portable applications. By offering open choices with platform and service independence, we help software organizations to create long-term, reusable applications.

Dynasty’s development technology has already been used to build over 50 mission critical enterprise applications, deployed in >15 countries.

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