Dynasty Development Environment


The Dynasty Development Environment is a visual, component-based application development environment that provides a complete and powerful framework for building open, multi-tier, distributed applications. The business application framework enables developers to build complex, multi-tier applications without having to master the complexities of object-oriented programming or application partitioning. Developers can specify and construct these applications independently from the intended deployment environment or configuration. These features support creating durable, high-performance applications that are easy to design, develop, deploy, and maintain.

The Open Visual Basic development kit allows programs written in Visual Basic to invoke services from Dynasty servers. A future release of the Dynasty Development Environment will make it possible for a Dynasty application to invoke services from a Visual Basic server using the COM protocol.

Visual Basic programs appear as root components in Dynasty’s Partitioning Assistant to help you in designing the most appropriate partitioning scheme for your application.

A DDE add-on component provides internationalization (I18N) capabilities for converting key text to another language. This provides a seamless Dynasty solution for providing usability to customers whose native language is not English.

The DDE can significantly reduce time-to-market while yielding applications that are highly flexible.

  • E-Container

    The Dynasty E-Container component provides an environment for building and deploying “transactional” Web-enabled applications across the enterprise. It provides a low-cost, low-risk means for a company to do business via the Internet. It enables companies to deploy high-performance business applications over the net, while leveraging existing Information Technology investments. Customers can add small clients for interfacing with the growing family of Web access devices or provide access through Visual Basic or Java interfaces.

  • Target Platforms

    The Dynasty Development Environment (DDE) supports the leading operating systems, databases and communications middleware available on the market. 

  • DDE Technical Detail

    Dynasty Development Environment (DDE) provides a variety of features and capabilities setting high standards for enterprise development environments. DDE reusable components, rapid development, fast and reliable execution are the core tenets of Dynasty DDE.

  • Oracle Tuxedo Target

    Dynasty, with its Dynasty Development Environment (DDE) enterprise application development suite, targets and deploys applications using Oracle Tuxedo, the main application server for C, C++, COBOL, Java and dynamic language applications

  • System Software Factory

    The System Software Factory (SSF) is an enterprise-class, multi-language, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) delivery infrastructure. Early in 2005 Dynasty introduced the SSF as the logical next step to complement its Dynasty Development Environment (DDE). While the SSF manages solutions developed using the DDE, it is equally suitable for managing applications built using Java or COBOL.