Product Overview

The Dynasty E-Container DDE component provides an environment for building and deploying “transactional”Web-enabled applications across the enterprise. It provides a low-cost, low-risk means for a company to do business via the Internet. It enables companies to deploy high-performance business applications over the net, while leveraging existing Information Technology investments. Customers can add small clients for interfacing with the growing family of Web access devices or provide access through Visual Basic or Java interfaces.

Anticipating the need for consistency and the difficulties that might arise around firewall limitations, the developers of the Dynasty E-Container have built-in support for a variety of transport protocols that communicate across HTTP. They also anticipated widespread use of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) as a common syntax standard. The E-Container performs behind-the-scenes session management, preserving user (state) information over multiple browser requests.


  • Web-enabling technology without having to be a Web Master
  • Totally integrated with the DDE
  • In production at a major bank