Important Companies of all sizes and across multiple industries have chosen Dynasty as their provider for tools, expertise, and technology to create highly successful business applications. Dynasty “domain experts” understand business change drivers and the technology implications. Our consulting expertise provides the services you need to ensure rapid deployment of your embedded enterprise application. Dynasty stands behind its products, and you can count on our expertise whenever the need arises. We offer expertise in the following areas:

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Using the very latest in Object Oriented design techniques, and tools such as the Rational Unified Process for requirements analysis, Use Case determination, and object modeling. The OOAD SME is able to assist the customer with overall application design, including the identification of reusable components and object hierarchies. All this is within the context of the Dynasty.

Cloud Based Data Analytics

Dynasty Data Analytics is provided as Platform as a Service (PaaS) thanks to Dynasty experience in deploying systems on major cloud infrastructure. Dynasty Cloud platform supports the requirements of organizations looking to stay competitive by combining low-cost and high scalability to effectively manage unlimited processing power and storage, data agility, speed-to-market, and variable pay-per-use cost structure.

Knowledge-Based Systems

We have a significant experience in the area of implementation of large expert systems that include technologies such as transactional architectures, inference engines using artificial intelligence technologies. Customers who have a requirement to utilize the latest in Knowledge-Based technologies to implement large scale applications can benefit from this special expertise.

Mobile Based Systems

We can help you to extend your apps to mobile channels by providing you the expertise to create, deploy and manage mobile apps to connect a variety of back-end data sources to major device types. Our services can facilitate your IT team to embrace mobility to address high-volume delivery infrastructure, content and apps e delivered by SMS and MMS.


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