Dynasty’s suite of enterprise-class software development products is conceived for scalability, portability, reusability, and multi-targeting. Dynasty supports enterprise-class systems such as the HP NonStop Server, mid-range systems such as Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Microsoft Windows and Linux-based systems. Products range from its multi-patented Dynasty Development Environment and the transactional web-enabling E-container products, including the System Software Factory for Application Lifecycle Management, to the enterprise-class wireless network frameworks and AI Frameworks that apply artificial intelligence techniques to address and solve complex business problems.

Our software is designed explicitly to have an open architecture, enabling quick and easy integration with modern Knowledge Based software, Web applications, legacy systems, and ERP and EAI technologies. Dynasty R&D also builds enterprise-class Intelligent Frameworks that apply Artificial Intelligence techniques in a practical way to address and solve complex business problems.

  • Dynasty Development Environment

    The Dynasty Development Environment is a visual, component-based application development environment that provides a complete and powerful framework for building open, multi-tier, distributed applications. The business application framework enables developers to build complex, multi-tier applications without having to master the complexities of object-oriented programming or application partitioning. Developers can specify and construct these applications independently from the intended deployment environment or configuration. These features support creating durable, high-performance applications that are easy to design, develop, deploy, and maintain.

  • Data Analytics

    The Dynasty Data Analytics (DDA) represents a new direction for handling the uncertainties and unknowns frequently encountered in real-life workflow processes. DDA allows organizations to implement and deploy processes that are not yet completely understood (“fuzzy node”).  DDA provides highly flexible, adaptive, and dynamic process management platform to leaves process details throughout those fuzzy nodes to be addressed by business actions, triggered by business rules, analytical algorithms and predictive analytics (“Knowledge”) as experience is gained. DDA operates under the concept of achieving a goal. Goals can be characterized by specific activities’ state, business objects’ conditions, and policies represented like goals that have to be met; including performance metrics like key performance indicators (KPIs). 

  • Mobile Enterprise

    The Mobile Enterprise Framework is a multi-platform and cross-channel multi-tiered framework providing a high level of functionality for cross-device UI definition,  channel and device management and business service integration.  The Mobile Enterprise Framework can run a server based application with all logic and data access residing either on the server or at end-user client/device level. The Mobile Enterprise Framework is designed to provide the customer with a large set of functionality independent from the data model. The Mobile Enterprise Framework is compatible with all most widely used mobile devices, as well browsers and a wide range of operating systems.