Dynasty Technologies, Inc.

We provide development environments, unwired and knowledge-based systems, to simplify the lifecycle of complex enterprise applications.




Effective IT managers rely on technology choices, supporting the needs of the business and the specific knowledge necessary to support the evolving technology world. Dynasty’s technology is open, not just by design, but by conviction. The Dynasty product suite represents a proven set of technologies particularly well suited to enterprise users looking to implement or enhance their EAI or Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) capabilities. Dynasty has also applied its development technology experience to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques easy to use for businesses dealing with complex problems.

Development Technology

Dynasty has been building enterprise-class development technology for more than 15 years. Our patented component-based development technology, application frameworks and our catalog of business and technical components combine to allow quick-start projects so that you are quick to market and can leverage your competitive opportunities.

Dynasty software is designed explicitly to have an open architecture, enabling quick and easy integration with modern Knowledge Based software, Web applications, legacy systems, and ERP and EAI technologies. Dynasty R&D also builds enterprise-class Intelligent Frameworks that apply Artificial Intelligence techniques in a practical way to address and solve complex business problems.

Dynasty owns 69 patents on component-based, object-oriented development application and software products. Our component-based development technology, application frameworks, and business and technical components allow quick and easy integration with a broad range of computing products and platforms.

Integration Technology

J2EE defines the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) as a standard architecture for connecting the J2EE platform to heterogeneous Enterprise Information Services (EISs). By defining a set of scalable, secure, and transactional mechanisms, the JCA enables the integration of EISs with application servers and enterprise applications. This enables multi-channel clients including Web clients, application clients, Web Service clients, and wireless clients to seamlessly access a Dynasty server.

Technology Alignment

IT services is a critical information business. Success in every part of the operation, from new application design to consistent high quality deployment to lifecycle application management, depends like never before on effective technology.

Dynasty technology is broad, deep, proven and independent. As a result, we can support CIOs and their teams to make our technology to meet their business challenges. Working exclusively in the technology sector, our people have deep domain-knowledge. We understand complex architectures and we align and integrate them with the needs of the business.