Oracle Tuxedo Target

Dynasty, with its Dynasty Development Environment (DDE) enterprise application development suite, targets and deploys applications using Oracle Tuxedo, the main application server for C, C++, COBOL, Java and dynamic language applications. Dynasty DDE support the Oracle Tuxedo middleware to provide a highly reliable and scalable platform to develop, deploy and manage mission-critical applications. Dynasty DDE is a main development tool for Tuxedo application development, deployment and management to lower total cost of ownership. Given that the it is specifically positioned for building large-scale, distributed applications, large corporations with true mission-critical requirements deploy applications that use Oracle Tuxedo. The deployment platform targeted by the DDE enables IT organizations and businesses to reduce development, maintenance, and deployment time.

Oracle comment:

The Tuxedo platform provides the best-of-breed Transaction Monitors for the Development and deployment of mission-critical applications.”