Dynasty Technologies, Inc.

We provide development environments, unwired and knowledge-based systems for simplifying the lifecycle of complex enterprise applications.



Unwired Apps

Dynasty Unwired Enterprise is our new offering to improve the way in which enterprises use their networks. We are leveraging our software development expertise to bring it to the cellular world and to enable enterprises to realize the benefits of true mobile apps.

IT teams can now create and manage multiple mobile applications that securely connect a variety of back-end data sources to all major device types. The Unwired Enterprise extends the IT logical flow of information from the centralized data servers to any mobile device. 

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FinLogix uses Dynasty’s modular approach to system architecture to provide “just in time - just what’s needed” applications to Financial Institutions at an affordable price. The latest collaboration with Dynasty allows customers to access financial applications via cell phones.


Hansabank was an early adopter of Dynasty technology for use in banking applications. Many of Hansabank’s customers are accessing banking services by means of hand-held devices.